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Who’s got our boards?

NCAA schools such as Bemidji State University, University of Minnesota Duluth, Boston University (Agganis and Walter Brown Arenas), Colgate University, Boston College, Yale University, Dartmouth College, University of Notre Dame, The Pennsylvania State University – and many, many more.

In the National Hockey League, 28 of the 30 arenas feature 6A Series boards; in the American Hockey League, 21 of 30 arenas have our boards.

Our boards are also in a growing number of arenas in the Kontinental Hockey League, including arenas in Minsk, Moscow, Chelyabinsk.

The CrystaPlex 6A Series is the only dasher board system in the world approved for use in the NHL, the AHL, the KHL and NCAA arenas.

Product Overview: 6A Overview

A Revolution in Hockey: Athletica Sport Systems Seamless Acrylic Shielding

Find out what the owners and operators of arenas in 28 National Hockey League and 21 American Hockey League markets are raving about. The best shielding system in the world is the CrystaPlex 590 Plus Seamless Acrylic Shielding System, introduced in response to the 2011 NHL mandate to eliminate seamless tempered glass. It’s a true win-win-win scenario, with improved player safety, easier and faster facility conversions, and best sight lines ever!

For evidence of the effectiveness of the Seamless Acrylic Shielding System, see the following video, from an NHL game in February 2013, where you can hear the commentator say “You know it feels? This is how it feels my friend.” The Rangers player immediately gets up off the ice after being absolutely crushed into the shielding.

Our Seamless Acrylic Shielding System features crystal clear, Crystaplex 590 Plus acrylic, the thickest, strongest, most durable shielding material ever used in a hockey rink. Since the 2011-12 NHL season, now in 40+ AHL and NHL arenas, in thousands of professional games, still only a mere handful pieces have been broken.

“One entire season, Zero glass breakage. Great work fellas!”
Glen Lucero, Pepsi Center,
Denver CO (home of the NHL Colorado Avalanche)

Going into the 2015-16 season, 20 NHL arenas use our Seamless Acrylic Shielding System, and another 5 use Crystaplex 590 Plus acrylic with shielding supports.

Seamless Acrylic


The original flexible seamless glass shielding system, GlassFlex® provides players with the most forgiving playing environment, with impact absorption exceeding any other shielding system (in independent testing done by Martin and Martin Engineering, and sanctioned by the National Hockey League).

The ingenious design of GlassFlex® allows the channel inside the dasherboard in which the glass shielding rests, to slide back and forth upon impact, and is designed for easy alignment and adjustment via access panels on the dasher board top sill, so the shielding stands straight and true without shims.



Athletica has always put the safety of the hockey player first. That’s why we have continually set the standards for technological advances in the design and manufacture of hockey boards. And that’s how we came to introduce CheckFlex® the world’s only working flexible dasher board system.

Everyone benefits from the patented design and technology behind CheckFlex® – The arena operations staff gain the added benefit of a steel ice dam, making changeovers even easier. And the players enjoy clean true play coupled with the truly impressive flex and impact absorption of the CheckFlex® boards.

CheckFlex® is the choice of a growing number of arenas in the National Hockey League, providing the advantages of the impact absorption and flexibility demanded by professional players and trainers.



When we talk about “Safety Through Innovation”, we mean leading-edge safety options that provide both improved player safety and reduced liability and risk for owners and operators of rinks. Options such as SoftCap® our industry-first, impact absorbing cap rail system.

Now protected by Canadian Patent # 2,552,340 and other patents internationally, SoftCap® is 96% more compressive than the standard High Density Polyethylene cap rail every other dasher board company in the world uses. Think about that: SoftCap® is nearly twice as forgiving upon impact as standard cap rail.

SoftCap® is the only safety cap rail system approved by both the National Hockey League and the Kontinental Hockey League, and is now used in more than half of all NHL rinks, as well an ever-growing list of AHL, KHL, NCAA, and community rinks.


It’s like anything – you can always find something cheaper, but is it better, is it the right choice? What’s important to us is balance of cost and functionality. We’re very pleased with our decision to go with Athletica.”

Jim White, Assistant General Manager & Operations Manager,
Westerner Park, Red Deer, Alberta

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