Advantages of the Sportster VL vertical lift gate:

  1. As with all Athletica Sport Systems products, the “Sportster VL” gate has a high tech appearance. It is entirely made of stainless steel components that will never rust or require painting. It is built to last a very long time. And, as with your Athletica dasher boards, it is a “one time purchase”.
  2. The unit is anchored to the perimeter slab concrete. It is free standing and requiresno mounting to additional structural support. It can be relocated without cutting, welding or modification.
  3. Every conceivable safety feature is already built in.
  4. In case of a motor failure or power failure, the door can be operated manually. With the pull of one lever, the door can be powered up and down quickly with a hand held, battery-operated drill (the drill adapter is supplied). Alternately, the door can be powered manually up and down with a separate pull chain that is geared for practical use in an emergency or an ongoing situation. There is no requirement for an emergency service call and an Athletica technician can be on site in a short time. We also offer yearly inspections and maintenance services.
  5. Every part is CNC laser cut and they are always exactly the same. Each part has been engineered in 3D CAD to allow the smooth operation of moving parts, which reduces wear to prevent mechanical failure. Moving parts are concealed within the support towers. All the parts are replaceable without cutting or welding. All the moving parts are mounted with high quality bearings. Numerous adaptations are built-in to prevent mechanical failure under the many stresses of normal use. Rigorous testing has been done in our plant to ensure that the unit is not damaged and does not fail during exaggerated stresses. Many quality control procedures are performed during production. The mountings to the board system are fully adjustable to suit changing site conditions so that board alignment can be maintained. All the manufacturing, mounting and electrical, is done in our plant and each unit is shipped “installation ready” to the site.
  6. The door will fully open or close with a push of a button. A keyed “lock-out” is mounted below the up-down-stop buttons to prevent unauthorized use. The unit comes fully equipped with a remote control.
  7. The motor of a commercial grade that is preferred for its durability and reliability. It has a built in brake that momentarily stops before switching directions, this saves wear and tear on the motor and the gear box drive. The balancing springs are flat wire which is stronger than round wire and each one is engineered to the specific weight of the door it will be lifting. The width of the door and the size of the glass determines the weight of each door. This nearly perfect spring balancing makes the door almost weightless in both directions and puts minimal stress on the motor, brake and gear box. It also makes the “manual chain and battery drill operation” practical. Operating instructions are placed at appropriate areas on the towers.

Sportster Vertical Lift Gate

Standard Built in Safety Devices:

  1. An infrared safety beam is mounted between the towers at 18” off the floor. If someone is standing between the towers, then the down button will not function. If someone presses the down button and then walks between the towers, the door will stop and then reverse up. The door will not come down if someone enters the approach area of the door.
  2. A flexible electric safety switch is mounted continuously on the underside of the door. If the door gently touches an object on the way down, it will stop and reverse up again. This electric switch is also heated with an internal heating cable, so that it cannot freeze to the threshold and get torn off when the door is raised. This is to ensure that the safety switch is not damaged under normal use.
  3. The lifting cables are 3/16” diameter stainless steel. This design has twice the lifting capacity of the design load of the door. It will not deteriorate due to rust.
  4. Both carriages inside the towers are equipped with mechanical “fail safe” brakes. A slack in a cable will cause the brake to engage. If one lifting cable is cut, the brake locks into the side of the tower at 5” intervals. Maximum fall from any height equals five inches on that side. If both cables are cut, both brakes lock into the towers. Maximum fall from any height equals 5” on both sides. Once a broken cable is replaced, the brakes retract again automatically, when the door is lifted again by the cables.
  5. It is unusual for a #50 motor drive chain to break. But if it were to break, the door would creep down slowly until about half way and then stop. This is due to the near-weightlessness of the doors. Further, if both cables were cut and the drive chainbroken at the same time, then the mechanical brakes will engage and stop the door within a 5” interval from any height.
  6. If the spring tension is disengaged, the weight of the door is held by the motor brake and the motor chain drive.

This lifting device is fully integrated and precisely built to ensure its longevity and reliable service. It is specifically designed for this application and is superior to any other Machine Gate Lifting Device developed to this date. With a yearly inspection and service by Athletica Sport Systems, you can expect no liabilities or down time. Yearly servicing involves our inspection of the electrical components, safety devices, cables, gears, door alignment, lubrication and the replacement of worn components. If any work is done on this device by other than Athletica Sport Systems, it should be inspected by Athletica as soon as possible afterwards.

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