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When it comes to hitting the ice for the first time, we all start at the same level. Getting to the next level is much easier with the help of ice skating trainers.

Trying to ice skate for the first time can be super intimidating, especially for little ones taking to the ice for the first time. Those who remember their first time skating on an ice rink probably remember holding on to the edge of the dasher boards, falling down more than once, and clinging to the hand of those more experienced.

For some, the solution is ice skating lessons, working with a trainer to build up their skill on the ice skating rink. However, this isn’t always an accessible option for all. Plus, some people don’t want to invest money into a skating lesson. They may just want a way to be able to enjoy the rink without falling, but without dedicating money and time to formal training.

Thankfully, there is an easy solution to this issue to turn any novice skater into one who has better balance: the ice skating trainer. There are all kinds of skating aid devices out there that can assist someone working on their balance as a beginner. These devices can be used by kids or adults, helping them grow in their skating technique.

What is a Skate Trainer?

A skate trainer is an assistive device used to improve a user’s balance and coordination on the ice. There are actually skate trainer devices for all kinds of sports where balance and coordination are needed. There are skate trainers for use with ice skates, skateboards, and even roller skates.

These devices can come in all kinds of forms, from devices that attach to the skates themselves, to assistive devices you hold onto for balance. You can think of a skate trainer as a training device, or a piece of protective gear, keeping young skaters safer as they work on balance and strength on the ice for the first time.

TykeSkateR for adults

TykeSkateR Skate Trainer

Who Uses Skate Trainers?

As we touched on above, skate trainers can be used by anybody, whether they are a child or adult, who is a beginner at skating.

For some, it can feel embarrassing to need a skate trainer, but nobody should feel ashamed! Not everybody has access to regular ice time, or a coach to help them practice skate skills. There’s a good chance the figure skaters or hockey players in your life used some kind of skate trainer when they first started, to build them up into the athlete they are today.

The best thing about using skate trainers is it helps to prevent dangerous injuries that can happen during the learning process. Skating, especially on ice, is a skill that needs to be learned carefully. The surface of the ice is hard and unforgiving, and novice ice skaters can really hurt themselves without proper training. By using a skate trainer, you can learn to skate with much less risk.

Types of Skate Trainers

There are many different kinds of skate trainers out there, which can benefit different kinds of users. The two main ones are:

Clip-On Skate Trainers

A clip-on skate trainer is a device that attaches to the blades of a pair of skates. These can be clipped onto the skate, putting two legs on either side of the blade to increase the number of contact points the user has on the ice.

This will improve a new skater’s balance, allowing them to not have to balance fully on the thin edge of the blade. The best part about these trainers is that these clip-ons can be added and removed, so you can easily outfit a pair of regular skates or even rented skates with them.

Walker Skate Trainer

A walker skate trainer is a frame that looks similar to a walker, with a handlebar that users can hold to improve balance. Users will hold onto the device and push it with them as they go around the ice. This is the most popular style of skate trainer. In fact, there’s a good chance that your local rink may have a few on hand alongside their other ice rink tools for use by visitors.

Metal frame skate trainer

Walker-type Skate Trainer

These devices can be used by children and adults, depending on the size. It’s almost like having a permanent dasher board in front of you, to keep skaters more confident and prevent falls. You can even find walker skate trainers fitted with harnesses, ideal for young children so they don’t become separated from the device if they do have a mishap.

Should I Teach My Child Ice Skating?

Those looking into skate trainers might be wondering if they are worth the investment. Is it worth it to teach your child to skate, if they’re not interested in being a hockey player or figure skater?

Even if your child is unsure about committing to an ice sport, ice skating can still give lots of benefits! This is a fun winter activity, and introducing your child to the ice, even with a skate trainer, can help them improve in the following areas:

Joint and Muscle Health: The biggest benefit of ice skating is its impact on growing joints and muscles. Skating is a sport that uses all the muscles in the body, making it a full-body workout. Skating can help your child engage in using all their muscles as they master their technique.

Balance and Coordination: Skating is one of the best sports for those looking to improve balance and coordination. Balancing on a thin blade is hard to do! By engaging in ice skating, even with a trainer, your child will work on improving their balance.

Confidence: Perhaps best of all, skating is a great sport to build confidence. This is a sport where anyone who tries it for the first time will literally fall down and have to get back up again. Trying something new like this can help your child learn some lessons in perseverance, and staying confident as they learn a new skill.

Happy Skating!

We hope this guide helped you learn more about ice skate trainers and their benefits for all skaters. Whether you are a child or an adult, there is no shame in using a device like this to help you build confidence on the ice.

Ice skating is a fun, full-body sport that all people should try at least once in their life. Consider investing in a skate trainer, so you can get some ice time and fall in love with a fun, wintertime sport.

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