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Preferred Rink Equipment Supplier to the National Hockey League and the American Hockey League.

Safety Through Innovation

Here at Athletica Sport Systems, we believe in Safety through Innovation. Our philosophy has seen us become the world leader in the design, engineering, innovation, manufacture, distribution, service and installation of dasher board systems. Our designs improve Player Safety, Fan Experience, and Reduce Owner Liability.

As a Preferred Rink Equipment Supplier to the National Hockey League®, the American Hockey League, and USA Hockey, Athletica Sport Systems works closely with the Leagues to ensure new product enhancements such as our unique seamless acrylic shielding system, our patented SoftCap® safety cap rail system and GlassFlex®, our flexible shielding system, are aligned with their current mandates and regulations.

Athletica Sport Systems is headquartered in Waterloo Ontario, where our manufacturing and main distribution facility is located; we have an additional Sales, Service & Distribution center in Minneapolis Minnesota, as well as Sales Distribution around the world.

When it comes to excellence in sports facilities, no other company comes close to Athletica Sport Systems. Whether it’s enhancing the physical safety of players, reducing risk and liability for rink owners; improving ease of conversions, or maximizing the game experience for spectators – we bring it all to the game of hockey.

Our Service and Installation teams have completed over 3,000 projects – no company in the world builds more dasher board systems than Athletica Sport Systems, and nobody builds them better.

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