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INFINITY & Seamless INFINITY Series™

Dasher Boards for All Kinds of Indoor Turf Sports

A true original from Athletica Sport Systems, the INFINITY Series™ is THE containment board system designed specifically for indoor soccer pitches, lacrosse fields and Multi-Activity Courts (MACs).

The INFINITY Series™ is the only soccer board system we’re aware of that has been designed by a Professional Engineer and successfully load-rating tested by an independent testing lab (contact us for a copy of their report).

Definitely not the same old hockey boards: from our original concepts in the early 2000’s through prototype testing with some of the game’s most respected consultants, to final product design, we’re confident you’ll love the look of your sports facility when you install these boards.

INFINITY Series™ dashers are built from extrusions of T-5 tempered aluminum, with a clear anodized finish that will never rust or pit. Always easy to clean, so your boards will always look great.

Using state-of-the-art concealed mechanical fastening techniques (not welded) the INFINITY Series™ system frames provide a more flexible board system than welded aluminum or old-fashioned steel framed boards. There are no exposed brackets or anchors; no collection areas for dirt and debris.

Unlike many of our competitors, all our exposed hardware (e.g., hinges, gate latches) is made of stainless steel for maintenance-free durability.

INFINITY Series™ panels are shipped from our factory pre-glazed and pre-assembled: installation time is minimal, meaning your field is up and running sooner.

The playing surface of INFINITY Series™ Soccer Boards is completely smooth, featuring strong and durable tempered glass, and long lasting High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). You will never find plywood or melamine in our boards. White HDPE is standard. Other colors are available at extra cost.

Glass-to-plastic ratios (ranging from all-glass to all-plastic, and essentially any combination in between) are customizable, allowing you to pick the places in your facility to maximize BOTH the view for spectators and your capacity to generate revenue via sponsorship (ad panels).

The Seamless INFINITY Series™ Boards feature a shorter frame constructed from the same anodized aluminum extrusions. This alteration allows for nothing but beautiful, clear, unobstructed views of the game:

  • No tall vertical posts to obstruct the view of the parents and friends watching the game.
  • No chipped or peeling paint to constantly be touching up.
  • No unsightly galvanized steel frames.
  • No nasty rust to deter from the great look of your facility.
  • No heavy looking railing over the top edge of the glass!

Seamless INFINITY Series™ frames can be customized in height between 36 and 42 inches, and feature a colored cap rail (custom colors are available at an extra charge).

Tempered safety glass can be as high as 96″ and is secured to the frames with a retaining clip along the bottom of the frame, and ultra-high strength tape that has been engineer-tested and approved for this application all around the frame. And, unlike some of the other systems out there, Athletica Sport Systems tempered glass always meets ANSI specs, and always carries the ANSI seal of approval.

Don’t be Fooled by the ‘Curved Glass’ Sales Pitch!

Sometimes customers ask us if we think using curved glass in the corners is better? We tell them, no it really isn’t. If someone really wants curved glass, sure we can supply it, but for the record, here are the facts:

  • The best view actually comes from segmented corners, using flat glass.
  • Curved glass distorts the view from the spectator side
  • There is no evidence that corners built using curved glass ‘play’ any better than segmented corners using straight panels. Ask owners of facilities that use our INFINITY Series™ or Seamless INFINITY Series™ boards – after installations numbering in the hundreds (only one of which used curved glass), we’ve received zero complaints regarding ball play in the corners.

Take the page with you:

Evolution Series - The Fully Evolved Dasher System for Indoor Turf Sports

With our 100% frameless design, that has no upright supports (except at gate locations), the Evolution dasher system shows off a sleek, modern appearance, providing spectator viewing that is superior to any other soccer board system on the market. The frameless, tempered glass provides surprising flex, and good energy absorption upon player impact.

Featuring an easy-to-install L-Channel made of super-strong anodized aluminum that mounts onto threaded rods set in epoxy anchors (holes drilled on site), the Evolution system is the most user-friendly dasher system when it comes to installation. Just install the L- Channel, and pop in the glass, which sits snugly – and safely – in a white EPDM Gasket.

And, unlike some of the other systems out there, Athletica Sport Systems tempered glass always meets ANSI specs, and always carries the ANSI seal of approval.

With the Evolution dasher system, you’re getting the best value of any soccer board system available today.


The 100% seamless EVOLUTION glass wall system surrounding our turf fields looks fantastic, plays professionally and gives our viewers a crystal clear, unobstructed view of the action. We are extremely satisfied.
Our repeat business depends on it. With Athletica Sport Systems, there's no mistake about it.

Gina Ramos, Lou Ramos CenterAllentown, PA

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