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Digitize your ice

A unique advancement in advertising

Digital in-ice advertising


LEDFOIL offers ground-breaking and unique media technology. Our vision is to make advertising way more efficient by digitalizing and monetizing surfaces.

Our Smart LED unit is installed inside the ice and is supported by a cloud-based content management software. It enables live interaction with fans and changes the event experience.

First and foremost, the digital in-ice display enables scalability which adds the number of sponsors and gives your club more time to seek advertising partners. Ultimately LEDFOIL ICE multiplies a club’s commercial income, thereby benefiting the sport.

LEDFOIL ICE is available in multiple versions. From center circle to the entire ice as well as to the boards.

This patented technology in smart, interactive digital screens provides a new revenue stream by increasing ad space availability on the ice.

Advertising on LEDFOIL ice screens is a completely new and effective way to reach a huge number of potential customers nationwide in the stands, in front of the television, social media and other media.

The high-quality digital LEDFOIL ice screens are located in the most visible places in the arena, so the advertisements can be directly included in the center of the game.

You also reach the away team’s fans via television – advertising is nationwide. With its excellent location. and thanks to its large size, the LEDFOIL ice advertisement simply cannot be missed!

With LEDFOIL's technology, the vast variety of content playable on under-ice LED screens allows us to elevate the entire experience to a whole new level.

Digitizing the ice effectively changes the game of ice rink advertising.

  • Currently in use at Kärpät in Oulu
  • The ice screens are located in the best places in the arena – right where the game is played
  • The ad is always shown on two ice screens at the same time, both attack and defensive ends
  • The ice display has a maximum of 12 advertising slots
  • Each ad is visible for 30 seconds in turn
  • Display logos, videos, animations, and more
  • During the regular season, the advertiser reaches up to 1,800,000 people
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