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Crystaplex® 6A Series dasher boards


Who’s got our dasher boards?

NCAA schools such as Bemidji State University, University of Minnesota Duluth, Boston University (Agganis and Walter Brown Arenas), Colgate University, Boston College, Yale University, Dartmouth College, University of Notre Dame, The Pennsylvania State University – and many, many more.

Our dasher boards are prominently featured in both the National Hockey League and American Hockey League along with a growing number of arenas in the Kontinental Hockey League, including arenas in Minsk, Moscow, Chelyabinsk.

The Crystaplex® 6A Series is the only dasher board system in the world approved for use in the NHL, the AHL, the KHL and NCAA arenas.

A Revolution in Hockey: Athletica Sport Systems Seamless Acrylic Shielding

Find out what the owners and operators of arenas in 28 National Hockey League and 21 American Hockey League markets are raving about. The best shielding system in the world is the Crystaplex® 590 Plus Seamless Acrylic Shielding System, introduced in response to the 2011 NHL mandate to eliminate seamless tempered glass. It’s a true win-win-win scenario, with improved player safety, easier and faster facility conversions, and best sight lines ever!

For evidence of the effectiveness of the Seamless Acrylic Shielding System, see the following video, from an NHL game in February 2013, where you can hear the commentator say “You know how it feels? This is how it feels my friend.” The Rangers player immediately gets up off the ice after being absolutely crushed into the shielding.

Our Seamless Acrylic Shielding System features crystal clear, Crystaplex® 590 Plus acrylic, the thickest, strongest, most durable shielding material ever used in a hockey rink. Since the 2011-12 NHL season, now in 40+ AHL and NHL arenas, in thousands of professional games, still only a mere handful pieces have been broken.

Going into the 2015-16 season, 20 NHL arenas use our Seamless Acrylic Shielding System, and another 5 use Crystaplex® 590 Plus acrylic with shielding supports.

One entire season, Zero glass breakage. Great work fellas!

Glen Lucero, Pepsi CenterDenver CO (home of the NHL Colorado Avalanche)


The original flexible seamless glass shielding system, GlassFlex® provides players with the most forgiving playing environment, with impact absorption exceeding any other shielding system (in independent testing done by Martin and Martin Engineering, and sanctioned by the National Hockey League).

The ingenious design of GlassFlex® allows the channel inside the dasherboard in which the glass shielding rests, to slide back and forth upon impact, and is designed for easy alignment and adjustment via access panels on the dasher board top sill, so the shielding stands straight and true without shims.


Athletica has always put the safety of the hockey player first. That’s why we have continually set the standards for technological advances in the design and manufacture of hockey boards. And that’s how we came to introduce CheckFlex® the world’s only working flexible dasher board system.

Everyone benefits from the patented design and technology behind CheckFlex® – The arena operations staff gain the added benefit of a steel ice dam, making changeovers even easier. And the players enjoy clean true play coupled with the truly impressive flex and impact absorption of the CheckFlex® boards.

CheckFlex® is the choice of a growing number of arenas in the National Hockey League, providing the advantages of the impact absorption and flexibility demanded by professional players and trainers.


When we talk about “Safety Through Innovation”, we mean leading-edge safety options that provide both improved player safety and reduced liability and risk for owners and operators of rinks. Options such as SoftCap® our industry-first, impact absorbing cap rail system.

Now protected by Canadian Patent # 2,552,340 and other patents internationally, SoftCap® is 96% more compressive than the standard High Density Polyethylene cap rail every other dasher board company in the world uses. Think about that: SoftCap® is nearly twice as forgiving upon impact as standard cap rail.

SoftCap® is the only safety cap rail system approved by both the National Hockey League and the Kontinental Hockey League, and is now used in more than half of all NHL rinks, as well an ever-growing list of AHL, KHL, NCAA, and community rinks.

It’s like anything – you can always find something cheaper, but is it better, is it the right choice? What’s important to us is balance of cost and functionality. We’re very pleased with our decision to go with Athletica.

Jim White, Assistant General Manager & Operations ManagerWesterner Park, Red Deer, Alberta

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Crystaplex® 6A Series Dasher Boards:
Preferred Rink Equipment Supplier to the National Hockey League and the American Hockey League

PRO Series™ dasher boards


Who’s got our dasher boards? 
Widely regarded as the gold standard in dasher boards, the PRO Series™ dasher boards by Athletica Sport Systems are now installed in more than 1,000 rinks and arenas in North America, and around the world.

How They’re Made:
Lightweight, flexible and durable, these are the dasherboards that changed the industry.  The PRO Series™ frames, both the 3” Inline model, and the 5” Ice Hockey model, are built from T-5 tempered aluminum alloy box extrusions, available with an anodized finish. Anodized aluminum will never rust or pit, and it’s always easy to clean, with just water and mild detergent – so your boards will always look great.

Using state-of-the-art concealed mechanical-fastening techniques (not welded), the PRO Series™ provides a more flexible board system than old-fashioned steel boards. No exposed brackets or anchors, no collection areas for debris and dirt.

5″ PRO Series
The 5” PRO Series™ aluminum dasher board system is the right choice for indoor and outdoor hockey and skating facilities ranging from community centers to the pro’s. Especially in arenas and rinks where the boards are left in permanently, the 5″ PRO Series suits perfectly. Also suited for non-ice applications.  Available with tempered glass (seamless or posted), acrylic and fence shielding. These boards are great for ice hockey, inline hockey, ball hockey – any activity within the confines of a rink surface, with or without ice.

3” PRO Series
The 3″ PRO Series™ is a slimmer version, built to the same standards as the 5” model, but suited for inline (non-ice) applications, both indoor and outdoor. The 3” system suited for glass or acrylic shielding (with some limitations), and is well-suited for fence shielding. These boards are great for inline hockey, dek hockey, ball hockey – any activity within the confines of a rink surface, without ice.

Independently Tested for Maximum Performance You Can Count On

The PRO Series™ boards have been independently tested by an engineering firm, and did not fail at 2 ½ times the prescribed engineering standards. A copy of the complete test report is available upon request.

All exposed hardware (e.g., hinges, gate-latches) is available in stainless steel, for maintenance-free durability.

The puck board, top plate and kick plate are all ½” High Density Polyethylene (available in 5 Standard colors: White, Yellow, Red, Blue and Gold); other colors available upon request at an extra charge. We use UV Stabilized HDPE for outdoor applications.

ALUMINUM—A Lifetime of Durability
Our dasher board systems are crafted from tubular extrusions of T-5 tempered aluminum alloy, engineered and designed by us specifically for our dasher board systems. These extrusions are proprietary to Athletica Sport Systems.  Aluminum frame construction gives you the strength and durability you need for permanent installations, yet its light weight makes it ideal for ease of handling where changeovers are required.

MECHANICAL FASTENING—Simple Strength and Flexibility
A critical factor in the strength and flexibility of our boards systems lies in our concealed mechanically fastened joints. By mechanically fastening our frames we ensure that our boards will ‘give’ upon player or machine impact and come right back into position every time.

ANODIZED FINISH—The Best Look for Your Facility
Our aluminum is available with an anodized finish, to resist scratching. Aluminum will never rust or oxidize, and always look superb. An anodized finish is harder than the surface hardness of the aluminum (almost the surface hardness of diamond). Our board systems have a clean, ‘high-tech’ appearance that constantly receives acclaim for looking noticeably well made.
Combining our available anodized finish with our industry-leading concealed mechanical fastening techniques means your boards will look this great, every day…forever.

For longevity, all of our exposed hardware—latches, door handles, hinges, anchor rods—even our cast-in-place anchors are available in stainless steel. Athletica Sport Systems hinges (and all exposed hardware) are also available in stainless steel. Every hinge is laser cut, so they never need grease, and precision crafted to ensure an exact fit in case of replacement.

Sport Systems boards are gorgeous - without question, they have as good a product as there is on the market today. When we find a supplier with the right product, and great service, we stick with them.
Our repeat business depends on it. With Athletica Sport Systems, there's no mistake about it.

Henk Schulthuis, Vice-President, Harm Schulthuis & Sons Ltd.Ancaster, ON

The one thing I emphasize to my clients: Ask all suppliers of dasher boards to meet the same design criteria and testing results that Athletica Sport Systems provides.

Paul Jackson, Jackson-Barill EngineeringStratford, ON

When we talk about “Safety Through Innovation”, we mean leading-edge safety options that provide both improved player safety and reduced liability and risk for owners and operators of rinks. Options such as SoftCap® our industry-first, impact absorbing cap rail system.
Now protected by Canadian Patent # 2,552,340 and other patents internationally, SoftCap® is 96% more compressive than the standard High Density Polyethylene cap rail every other dasher board company in the world uses.  Think about that: SoftCap® is nearly twice as forgiving upon impact as standard cap rail.

SoftCap® is the only safety cap rail system approved by both the National Hockey League and the Kontinental Hockey League, and is now used in more than half of all NHL rinks, as well an ever-growing list of AHL, KHL, NCAA, and community rinks.

Montreal Canadiens take the ice at a new outdoor rink in Laval, built by the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation, featuring PRO Series™ dashers. Go Habs!

OPTIMIZER Rink Divider

USA Hockey’s American Development Model (ADM) stresses the benefits of providing a higher ratio of practice-to-game time on the ice, and the value of ‘shrinking’ the space players have to work with, in order to increase the number of touches each player gets during practice.

Designed specifically for use with Cross-Ice training, The Optimizer® Rink Divider makes the most of ice time.

The Optimizer® Rink Divider features solid 2” x 2″ welded tubular aluminum frame construction. The puckboard is .220” thick white HDPE on both sides, with .500” colored HDPE cap rail. Standard HDPE color choices available.

Optimizer® Panels are 36” high by 90” long, and feature tubular splice connectors for ease of set-up and tear-down. Every Optimizer® Rink Divider has one pass-through gate, mounted on sturdy long-wearing steel hinges. Optional 42” board height is available.

The Optimizer® system also features radiused panels where the divider meets the rink boards for great playability, and the adjustable tension buckles in radius corners keep system solidly in place.

Every Optimizer® Rink Divider comes with either 9 straight panels for NHL size rink, or 11 panels for IIHF size, plus the 4 radiused panels. Also included is a specially designed storage cart for safe and easy handling, storage and access.

The Optimizer® is covered by our two year limited warranty.

Shipping weight: approximately 1700 pounds, the entire system is shrink-wrapped on the 48” x 96” storage cart (approx. 60” high).

BORDER PATROL Foam Pad Rink Divider

Divide and Conquer – Even on a Budget!

Today, many hockey leagues and associations across North America are stressing the benefits of providing an increased ratio of practice-to-game time on the ice, and the value of ‘shrinking’ the space players have to work with, in order to increase the number of touches each player gets during practice, thus developing player skills at an accelerated rate.

Designed specifically for use with Cross-Ice training, Border Patrol® Portable Foam Rink Dividers help you make the most of ice time. The BP Rink dividers can be made as big or small as you need them to be, and because they’re so super light, there is no easier product of its kind to use.

Panels come in 12, 22 and 42 inch heights, and are constructed of open-cell, high-density foam pads covered with tear-resistant and puncture-resistant vinyl. Heavy-duty Velcro straps connect the panels, allowing fast and easy set-up and take-down. BP pads can be set up on ice, or any other level indoor or outdoor playing surface.

BP foam pads can be fitted with clear vinyl ‘windows’ to accept advertising as well, so you can turn your rink dividers into an income stream. And, BP pads are also available with custom screened logos, giving you the option to advertise for your own facility or another way to sell ad space to sponsors. Standard color is black; some custom colors are available at extra cost.

BP 12” set of divider pads ship in 2 packages, measuring 12” x 17” x 128” at 70 lbs. per package.

It’s all there: lightweight, durable, safe, and easy to set-up – BP Portable Foam Rink Dividers give you the biggest bang for the buck!

Protective Netting

Spectator Safety Netting

Protective netting is being installed in more and more arenas around the world as another way to ensure the safety of spectators and non-participants.  Many arena managers follow guidelines similar to those laid out in the document “Guidelines For Ice Arena Safety Netting“, issued in 2013 by Ontario Recreation Facilities Association (ORFA).

We offer black or white nylon, monofilament and Kevlar netting options – something that will work for every arena, every application.  Contact your Athletica Sport Systems rep today for a quote on all your netting needs!

Other netting types available

We offer many types of netting for the following sports











Bulk Netting

Ice Cover

ArenaDeck®: The World’s Best Ice Cover

Masters of arena conversions choose ArenaDeck® – the original ‘waffle-back’ ice cover.

The best ice cover on the market today; a popular choice for NHL and multi-use ice arenas. Heavy duty (500 psi allowable compressive strength) yet lightweight, easy to install and maintain. Light Duty versions are also available.

The finish texture provides the right amount of traction and can be easily cleaned with pressure washers or floor scrubbers. The underside waffle pattern is engineered to provide excellent insulation by trapping cold air below the panel, thereby creating an insulating R-value of 2.84. The unique pattern also boosts compression strength for heavy traffic applications.

Sold in panels measuring an accurate 48” x 96”, ArenaDeck® is a unique, closed-cell composite material, manufactured with cross-linked polymer foam and Fiberglas that offers high specific strength and toughness over the long term. ArenaDeck® is available in standard 1” thickness, as well as more economical 5/8” thickness.

ArenaDeck® is very light, making it extremely easy to handle for fast and effective installation and removal. It’s non-porous, so it won’t absorb moisture, warp, swell or stick to the ice. It’s also very easy to clean, with just a low-pressure washer or floor scrubber. Unlike other ice cover products that are made “on the cheap”, ArenaDeck® is covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Athletica Sport Systems warrants the ArenaDeck® product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 5 years, under normal use.

ArenaDeck® is a fiber-reinforced polyurethane product; as such, it will have normal and slight surface variations in color and texture. These variations do not affect the wear or performance of the product. The repair of these minor variations is not covered under warranty, but they in no way compromise the performance of the product or the warranty.

For product specifications, more information, or to get a quote, contact us at

Getting ArenaDeck® in was a very high priority for our Operations group here at Hershey Centre. Based on our use of the product since it came in, the look and feel are excellent. And it fits like a glove. We feel this product will help us to provide the unparalleled experience to our guests, competitors/performers which we strive to provide.

John Rydzewski, Director, Hershey CentreMississauga ON

ArenaDeck ice cover


Advantages of the Sportster vertical lift gate:
  1. As with all Athletica Sport Systems products, the “Sportster” vertical lift gate has a high tech appearance. It is entirely made of stainless steel components that will never rust or require painting. It is built to last a very long time. And, as with your Athletica dasher boards, it is a “one time purchase”.
  2. The unit is anchored to the perimeter slab concrete. It is free standing and requires no mounting to additional structural support. It can be relocated without cutting, welding or modification.
  3. Every conceivable safety feature is already built in.
  4. In case of a motor failure or power failure, the door can be operated manually. With the pull of one lever, the door can be powered up and down quickly with a hand held, battery-operated drill (the drill adapter is supplied). Alternately, the door can be powered manually up and down with a separate pull chain that is geared for practical use in an emergency or an ongoing situation. There is no requirement for an emergency service call and an Athletica technician can be on site in a short time. We also offer yearly inspections and maintenance services.
  5. Every part is CNC laser cut and they are always exactly the same. Each part has been engineered in 3D CAD to allow the smooth operation of moving parts, which reduces wear to prevent mechanical failure. Moving parts are concealed within the support towers. All the parts are replaceable without cutting or welding. All the moving parts are mounted with high quality bearings. Numerous adaptations are built-in to prevent mechanical failure under the many stresses of normal use. Rigorous testing has been done in our plant to ensure that the unit is not damaged and does not fail during exaggerated stresses. Many quality control procedures are performed during production. The mountings to the board system are fully adjustable to suit changing site conditions so that board alignment can be maintained. All the manufacturing, mounting and electrical, is done in our plant and each unit is shipped “installation ready” to the site.
  6. The door will fully open or close with a push of a button. A keyed “lock-out” is mounted below the up-down-stop buttons to prevent unauthorized use. The unit comes fully equipped with a remote control.
  7. The motor of a commercial grade that is preferred for its durability and reliability. It has a built in brake that momentarily stops before switching directions, this saves wear and tear on the motor and the gear box drive. The balancing springs are flat wire which is stronger than round wire and each one is engineered to the specific weight of the door it will be lifting. The width of the door and the size of the glass determines the weight of each door. This nearly perfect spring balancing makes the door almost weightless in both directions and puts minimal stress on the motor, brake and gear box. It also makes the “manual chain and battery drill operation” practical. Operating instructions are placed at appropriate areas on the towers.

Sportster Vertical Lift Gate

Standard Built in Safety Devices:
  1. An infrared safety beam is mounted between the towers at 18” off the floor. If someone is standing between the towers, then the down button will not function. If someone presses the down button and then walks between the towers, the door will stop and then reverse up. The door will not come down if someone enters the approach area of the door.
  2. A flexible electric safety switch is mounted continuously on the underside of the door. If the door gently touches an object on the way down, it will stop and reverse up again. This electric switch is also heated with an internal heating cable, so that it cannot freeze to the threshold and get torn off when the door is raised. This is to ensure that the safety switch is not damaged under normal use.
  3. The lifting cables are 3/16” diameter stainless steel. This design has twice the lifting capacity of the design load of the door. It will not deteriorate due to rust.
  4. Both carriages inside the towers are equipped with mechanical “fail safe” brakes. A slack in a cable will cause the brake to engage. If one lifting cable is cut, the brake locks into the side of the tower at 5” intervals. Maximum fall from any height equals five inches on that side. If both cables are cut, both brakes lock into the towers. Maximum fall from any height equals 5” on both sides. Once a broken cable is replaced, the brakes retract again automatically, when the door is lifted again by the cables.
  5. It is unusual for a #50 motor drive chain to break. But if it were to break, the door would creep down slowly until about half way and then stop. This is due to the near-weightlessness of the doors. Further, if both cables were cut and the drive chainbroken at the same time, then the mechanical brakes will engage and stop the door within a 5” interval from any height.
  6. If the spring tension is disengaged, the weight of the door is held by the motor brake
    and the motor chain drive.

This lifting device is fully integrated and precisely built to ensure its longevity and reliable service. It is specifically designed for this application and is superior to any other Machine Gate Lifting Device developed to this date. With a yearly inspection and service by Athletica Sport Systems, you can expect no liabilities or down time. Yearly servicing involves our inspection of the electrical components, safety devices, cables, gears, door alignment, lubrication and the replacement of worn components. If any work is done on this device by other than Athletica Sport Systems, it should be inspected by Athletica as soon as possible afterwards.

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