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Inline Series system


A Lifetime of Durability

Our dasher board systems are crafted from tubular extrusions of aluminum alloy, engineered and designed by us specifically for our dasher board systems. These extrusions are proprietary to Athletica Sport Systems; nothing ‘on-the-shelf’ about it. Aluminum frame construction gives you the strength and durability you need for permanent installations, yet its light weight makes it ideal for ease of handling where changeovers are required. For outdoor installations we offer our 3” wide frame depth or 5” wide frame depth depending on application.

Strength and Flexibility

A critical factor in the strength and flexibility of our boards systems lies in our concealed mechanically fastened joints. Our boards will ‘give’ upon player or machine impact and come right back into position every time.

Inline Series

High-tech Look

A great appearance for your facility. Our aluminum is anodized, so it will resist scratching, never rust or oxidize, and always look superb. An “anodized” finish provides a clean, elegant look that is harder than the surface hardness of the aluminum (almost the surface hardness of diamond). Our board systems have a clean, ‘high-tech’ appearance that constantly receives acclaim for looking noticeably well made.

Built To Last

The timeless feel of steel for longevity. All of our exposed hardware – latches, door handles, hinges, anchor rods – even our cast-in-place anchors are stainless steel, so they’ll never rust or deteriorate.

Inline Enclosures


Inline Door Mechanism

Door Mechanism

Inline Hardware


Inline Flooring Systems

Flooring Systems

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