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Improve player safety and reduce the risk of injury with SoftCap®, the ORIGINAL cap rail safety system.

SoftCap® is designed to help reduce the likelihood and potential severity of injury to players by providing a more forgiving surface at the cap rail location of the boards – the most likely point of player contact, where injuries to the head, chin, mouth and elbow can occur.

Our NHL-approved SoftCap® cap rail system absorbs 96% more force than standard hard HDPE cap rail systems – a technology that our competitors have failed to produce.

SoftCap® can be specified as part of your new Crystaplex® or Pro Series™ dasherboard system, and can be retrofitted to many existing board systems as well. It’s a good first step toward reducing injuries.

Available standard in red or blue as well as a variety of optional or custom colors.

With SoftCap®, we help make your facility a better, safer place to play. Order yours today!

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SoftCap® flexible caprail can be found on pages 49.
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