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The world’s only working flexible, impact-absorbing dasher board system with top to bottom flex.

At Athletica Sport Systems, safety through innovation has always been at the forefront of what’s important. That’s why Crystaplex® developed CheckFlex®, the world’s only working flexible dasher board system. CheckFlex® can be found in various elite, professional and collegiate facilities.


All hockey dasher boards must be firmly anchored to their respective surfaces. This anchoring normally eliminates any movement from the top of the dasher section to the ice surface. The Crystaplex® CheckFlex® dasher board system has impact absorption and movement that starts at the ice level and carries all the way to the top of the shielding. Each dasher section has the capability of operating and absorbing player impact, creating the CheckFlex® movement that the players have been demanding.

The CheckFlex® system operates with the assistance of a proprietary Crystaplex® 508 steel ice dam, which not only reduces the amount of labor required in changeovers, but also allows rotational movement of the boards starting just above ice level. The ice dam allows each dasher panel the ability to flex, allowing up to 3” (75mm) of impact absorption at 42” (1070mm) from the ice surface. A specially designed clip allows each glass shield to move in conjunction with its supporting dasher board, increasing the total impact absorption and taking the term “check” to a whole new level.

CheckFlex system

Everyone benefits from CheckFlex®

By adding the CheckFlex® system to new or existing dasher boards, you are enhancing the qualities that made your original dasher boards popular with fans, operations staff and players. The fan still benefits from an unobstructed view and increased sight lines. The operations staff now has the added benefit of a steel ice dam, making changeovers even easier. Finally, the player who demands clean and true play off the glass now has the impact absorption and increased board flexibility of the Crystaplex® CheckFlex® dasher board system.

Everyone benefits from the patented design and technology behind CheckFlex® – The arena operations staff gain the added benefit of a steel ice dam, making changeovers even easier. And the players enjoy clean true play coupled with the truly impressive flex and impact absorption of the CheckFlex® boards.

CheckFlex® is the choice of a growing number of arenas in the National Hockey League, providing the advantages of the impact absorption and flexibility demanded by professional players and trainers.

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