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The flexible seamless glass shielding system proven to be more flexible than acrylic shielding, providing a more forgiving playing environment.

The original flexible seamless glass shielding system, GlassFlex® provides players with the most forgiving playing environment, with impact absorption exceeding any other shielding system (in independent testing done by Martin and Martin Engineering, and sanctioned by the National Hockey League).

The ingenious design of GlassFlex® allows the channel inside the dasherboard in which the glass shielding rests, to slide back and forth upon impact, and is designed for easy alignment and adjustment via access panels on the dasher board top sill, so the shielding stands straight and true without shims.


  • Proven to be more flexible than acrylic shielding, providing a more forgiving
    playing environment
  • Designed for easy glass alignment/adjustment
  • Accommodates 5/8” or 1/2” tempered glass
  • Available as a partial or full Crystaplex® retrofit
  • Crystaplex® 590 plus compatible

GlassFlex BufferGlassFlex® patented Buffer System is held between the bottom of the U-Bolt and a washer plate.

GlassFlex ClipsClips allow each piece of glass to move independently upon impact, maximizing overall flexibility.

GlassFlex AdjustAccess panel on topsill allows the glass to be easily adjusted so it stands straight and true without shims.

GlassFlexUpon impact, the GlassFlex® design allows the glass channel to slide back and forth.

GlassFlex® v acrylic

GlassFlex® vs. acrylic

Athletica’s GlassFlex® system exceeds all NHL flexibility criteria, which uses an acrylic system as its standard. GlassFlex® testing exceeded the flexibility of acrylic by…

Source: Martin and Martin Engineering, March 2003.

Test compared 1/2” tempered glass with 1/2”acrylic.
Soft Hit consists of a 15 pound bag hitting the shielding.
Hard Hit consists of a 200 pound bag hitting the shielding.

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