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Regular Arena Service for Preventative Maintenance Makes Good Sense, Right?

Remember, dasher boards are not a static device. Gates are opened and shut (sometimes slammed) hundreds of times a month; bolts and nuts can loosen; shielding can get chipped and marked up; gates can get out of plumb.

And yes, sometimes the guy driving the resurfacer might just give the boards a ‘bit of a rub’.

Your dasher boards are one of the most visible and memorable parts of your rink. People take away lasting impressions about the kind of facility you operate in part based on what it looks like, and if your boards look bad – if they look like you don’t look after them – then that may end up hurting your reputation and your potential repeat business.

More importantly than that, dasher boards need to be maintained to ensure they operate in a manner that assures the safety of the skaters and hockey players who use it.

Maintaining your boards costs a whole lot less than replacing them, so to help you keep them working properly, and lasting a long time, contact us to arrange a service call appointment.

Our dasher board technicians and installation supervisors are seasoned, experienced and ready to help you keep your boards looking and working their best all year round. Call today for a no-obligation quote.

And don’t forget, we also carry everything you need to keep outdoor rinks in great shape too! Whatever you need, we’ve got it. From replacement fencing, to fence posts, and all the necessary hardware. Call us for more details.

See below for a recommended maintenance schedule, for more detailed information, consult resources such as ORFA’s Guidelines for Arena Dasher Board and Shielding Systems, which you can access from our website:

A good inspection routine will include regular intervals based on terms such as Weekly, Monthly, and Seasonal.

Here are a Few Examples:

Dasherboard Panels

  • Check torque of floor anchors, re-tighten as required
  • Visually inspect plumb of dasher wall, replumb as required
  • Visually inspect framing for deformation or cracks, repair or replace as required
  • Check attachment of polyethylene facing, kickplate and caprail to framing, re-adjust/tighten as required

Shielding and Supports

  • Visual inspection of shielding for chips and cracks
  • Visual inspection of shielding for proper engagement in its support system, tighten and reposition as required
  • Visual inspection for proper seating of shielding support base


  • Inspect gate swing for proper clearance, adjust as required
  • Inspect any steel hardware for start of corrosion. Clean off rust and spray galvanize as required
  • Inspect gate latches for proper operation, adjust as required
  • Inspect door/panel frame facing alignment (surface side)

For a full account of everything that should get attention, download our full catalogue here!

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