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Athletica Sport Systems announced today it has received a Design Patent for its innovative, unique H Style Divider Matrix Sleeve (HDM Sleeve™). The strong and flexible clear polycarbonate sleeve is a key component in the popular seamless acrylic shielding system introduced by Athletica in 2011, and now in use in 20 NHL arenas.

Athletica Granted Design Patent for HDM Sleeve

“This is a big win for us,” commented Adam Pender, President, Global Sales & Marketing at Athletica Sport Systems. “No-one in the dasher board business comes close to doing the kind of innovative design work our people do, to improve player safety and make arena conversions simpler and quicker.

Patent approval for these types of innovations is important not only from a business perspective, but also because it recognizes achievement in product design, a critical component to continued growth and success.”

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