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When Is An Ice Rink Not An Ice Rink? – Arena Deck Coverings

A high-quality covering is essential to insulate an ice sheet and maintain its temperature during rink downtimes. These solutions are also necessary to convert the surface for non-ice events. There are various types of flooring and covering available to ice arenas, each with unique properties.

The most popular ice arena flooring options include:

  • Ice rink rubber flooring
  • Ice arena floor covering
  • Ice rink cover panels
  • ArenaDeck® Ice Cover

Ice Rink Rubber Flooring

Ice rink rubber flooring is elastic flooring typically made of synthetic rubber EPDM. This type of flooring is highly durable and is available in several material combinations. Ice rink rubber flooring is resistant to abrasion from ice skates and heavy loads.

This type of flooring is ideal if an arena has a high skid-resistant requirement, and most rubber flooring products feature anti-mold substances. Ice rink rubber flooring offers a unique visual appearance and adds ample personality to ice arenas and presentation areas.

Ice Arena Floor Covering

Ice arena floor covering allows you to convert your ice rink into a versatile venue for corporate events and concerts. This type of floor covering consists of a bottom layer that insulates the ice sheet. Additional layers trap cold air to ensure a comfortable temperature in the arena.

Ice arena floor covering is also designed to protect the ice sheet from foot traffic, event furniture, and equipment. Because the floor covering insulates the ice, it reduces the load on the arena’s cooling systems.

This type of floor covering has a flat underside to prevent the formation of ridges in the ice surface. However, traction nubs prevent the covers from moving around on the ice.

ArenaDeck Ice CoverIce Rink Cover Panels

Ice rink cover panels are moisture-resistant covering that can be placed directly over an ice sheet. The panels interlock with each other to provide complete insulation from the ice. As a result, the cold air is trapped underneath the panels to lower the cooling requirement.

Because the cold air doesn’t escape from underneath the panels, the strain on the arena’s heating systems is lower.

There are several benefits to ice rink cover panels. This type of ice covering is affordable, reusable, and easy to install. The panels also have a coating that prevents it from sticking to the ice surface. Ice rink cover panels are lightweight and easy to handle and store.

ArenaDeck® Ice Cover

Many ice arenas prefer ArenaDeck® Ice Cover because of its unique features and benefits. ArenaDeck® Ice Cover is the original “waffle-back” ice cover. This pattern doesn’t only result in unparalleled insulation by trapping cold air, but it also enhances compression strength to protect the ice sheet from heavy loads.

The ArenaDeck® Ice Cover panels have a size of 48” x 96” as well as a durable closed-cell composite construction. Other materials include cross-linked polymer foam and fiberglass for added strength.

This ice cover is lightweight, non-porous, and easy to clean. The panels are available in thicknesses of 1” and 5/8”.

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